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Author Robert Melikian's family has had vested interest in Hotel San Carlos since 1973. In this entertaining new volume, Melikian showcases the history of this fascinating place through photographs drawn from his family's collection and information gathered in interviews with past eployees and guests.

Through an expansive collection of historical photographs spanning the 1890s to the early1960s - many never seen before- Phoenix Past and Present offers a unique glimpse back to a time when city streets were unpaved, the tallest skyscraper reached seven stories, and 16th. Street and Camelback Road was a rural area outside the city limits.

Book by Authors Paul Scharbach and Robert Melikian.

In this book Author Robert A. Melikian showcases the area's evolution from an "Oasis in the Desert" to a cosmopolitan city using more than 200 vintage images from the Arizona State University McLaughlin Collection, the Phoenix Museum of History and Private Collections.

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