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Clark Gable Room - 412

Clark Gable was a regular Guest at the Historic Hotel San Carlos. In fact the actor insisted on always staying in the same room - Room 412. It is the only corner room on the fourth floor and its fourth floor window was just high enough for him to think he wouldn't be noticed. But it was close enough for him to observe people and their mannerisms on the corner of Central Avenue and Monroe street.


Clark Gable wanted to People watch. He would tell our bell staff that he would get acting tips by watching ordinary people on the street and learn things to be a better actor.

Gable would order his food and drinks to his room and sit in the corner for hours watching people. Most of the time a friend of his would eventually pick him up and take him mountain lion hunting in northern Arizona. it is rumored that Carole Lombard would check into the Hotel San Carlos and stay in an adjoining room before they were married.


At that time Clark Gable was an unknown actor and had a very small role in Mae West film " I'm No Angel" that opened the Orpheum Theatre on 2nd. Avenue and Adams in 1929. He was introduced to Hotel San Carlos by Mae West who herself was a regular guest. Hotel San Carlos was the most expensive Hotel in town when it opened in 1928.

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